We Don't Forget

by Punitive Damage

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released March 17, 2020


all rights reserved



Punitive Damage Vancouver, British Columbia

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Track Name: Baited
They tell us who to love
They tell us who to fucking hate
Spoon-feed us bullshit
We swallow every word they say
They tell us who to fear
They tell us who we can trust
Pointing at their boogeyman
while they're right here fucking us
We take the bait
We take the bait
We take the fucking bait
Track Name: Smug Rat
You're so woke
You're so fake
So quick to cancel
A two-faced snake

Self-named judge
Sneering down, gavels up
When we won't bow down to you

You're so smug
For doing nothing

I see right through
Your costume and ACAB tattoos
Not one of us,
a snitch
A rat with no badge

Can't hide what you really are
Keep your eyes off me
I've seen who you really are
You're fucking nothing
Track Name: Imposter
A shadow in the wall
A turncoat draped in red
You took their hand
Twist the knife
A traitor to us all
I don't forgive
I won't forget
'Til my dying breath
You felt no grief
But you will taste it
You feared no death
But you will die it
We don't forgive
We won't forget
Time heals nothing
I don't forgive
I won't forget
You can't crush the flowers
You won't stop the spring

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